William S. Phillips

"Mankind has always been fascinated with winged images: angels and gods, Daedalus and Icarus, and da Vinci's visionary sketches are woven into the fabric of our cultural history, as are the ornate balloons of the eighteenth century and the spacecraft of tomorrow. Despite this legacy, aviation and space art have until recently been regarded by art critics as mere illustration. Portraiture and landscape art underwent a similar metamorphosis before being accepted as fine art."

"William S Phillips adds to his skill as a landscape artist the rare ability to place aircraft into these scenes and impart to them a sense of motion that is almost palpable. His aircraft seem to be, not frozen, but in motion through the scene he has chosen for them. Bill Phillips is one of the very few aviation artists in whose work you can "see the air," and feel the exhilaration of flight."  DONALD S. LOPEZ *   MARCH 17, 1987

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 The following is a partial list of the Nostalgia and Aviation art prints by William Phillips
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Toward the Setting Sun

Toward the Setting Sun
Doolittle Raiders

Enola Gay

The Beginning of the End
Enola Gay


Summer of '45 by William Phillips

Summer of '45


The Storm Watchers by William Phillips

The Storm Watchers


Phantoms and the Wizard by William Phillips

Phantoms and the Wizard


Alone No More by William Phillips

Alone No More



Heading For Trouble by William Phillips

Heading For Trouble



Point Bonita:Last Light by William Phillips

Point Bonita:Last Light



Cape Neddick Dawn by William Phillips

Cape Neddick Dawn


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*Donald S. Lopez, deputy director of the National Air and Space Museum, has been with the Smithsonian since 1972, when he came to the Museum as assistant director for the Aeronautics Department.

At that time, he became part of the team, lead by Michael Collins, which was responsible for planning the construction and opening of the National Air and Space Museum. As assistant director for Aeronautics, Lopez was instrumental in developing the exhibits that welcomed visitors at the Museum's opening on July 1, 1976, and that have made it the most visited museum in the world.

Lopez was appointed deputy director in 1983, a position he held until 1990. He served as senior advisor to the director before retiring in 1993. From 1993 to 1996 Lopez served as senior advisor emeritus. He was again appointed deputy director in 1996.


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