The Enola Gay
William S. Phillips
Beginning of the End

Artist William S. Phillips has twice documented the flight of the B-29 Enola Gay. Both fine art offerings are humanistic depictions of the first atomic mission that helped expedite the end of World War II. The flight of the Enola Gay, and the atomic missions of 1945, compelled the Japanese to surrender, making the scheduled invasion of the Japanese homeland unnecessary thereby saving the lives of friend and foe alike.

Enola Gay

The Beginning of the End
A limited edition art print of the B-29 Enola Gay
by artist William Phillips
Image size 23½" x 15¾"   Overall size  27" x 23"
Edition size: 1000   Published in 1998

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The date is August 6, 1945, shortly after the noon hour, and the B-29 Enola Gay is returning from her rendezvous with destiny in the skies over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Off in the distance lies the tiny island of Iwo Jima, captured only after tremendous losses by the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The conquest of Iwo Jima and the flight of the Enola Gay marked the true beginning of the end of the war against Japan.

At the time of publication of this historical print, The Beginning of the End was signed by the artist William S. Phillips and countersigned by the five surviving veterans of the Enola Gay crew. Command Pilot of the Enola Gay Paul W. Tibbets*; Bombardier Thomas W. Ferebee*; Navigator Theodore J. "Dutch" Van Kirk; Bomb Electronics Officer Morris R. Jeppson; and Radio Operator Richard H. Nelson*.

*On March 16,2000, Bombardier Thomas W. Ferebee died at his home in Windermere, FL.
He was 81 years of age. 
* On February 1, 2003, Radio Operator Richard H. Nelson died at a hospital near Los Angeles.
He was 77 years of age.
*On November 1, 2007, Command Pilot Paul W. Tibbets died at his home in Columbus, Ohio.
He was 92 years of age.

print detail - lower margin center

The above image is the detail of the lower margin center of The Beginning of the End.
The images below are the left and right lower margin details showing the signatures of the Enola Gay crew members and William S Phillips -Artist.

print detail - lower margin left

print detail - lower margin right



Flight Crew

  • Col. Paul W. Tibbets, pilot and CO, 509th Group
  • Capt. Robert A. Lewis, co-pilot
  • Capt. Theodore J."Dutch" Van Kirk, navigator
  • Maj. Thomas W. Ferebee, bombardier
  • Lt. Morris R. Jeppson, bomb electronics officer 
  • Sgt. Joseph S. Stiborik, radar operator
  • Pfc. Richard H. Nelson, radio operator
  • S/Sgt. George R. Caron, tail gunner
  • S/Sgt. Wyatt E. Duzenbury, flight engineer
  • Sgt. Robert H. Shumard, assistant engineer
  • Lt. Jacob Beser, radar countermeasure officer
  • Navy Capt. William "Deak" Parsons,
    Manhattan Project Scientist

 Ground Crew

  • Technical Sgt. Walter F. McCaleb
  • Sgt. Leonard W. Markley
  • Sgt. Jean S. Cooper
  • Cpl. Frank D. Duffy
  • Cpl. John E. Jackson
  • Cpl. Harold R. Olson
  • Pfc. John J. Lesniewski
  • Lt. Col. John Porter, ground maintenance officer


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