Jim Daly
Honor and Allegiance

Honor and Allegiance

Honor and Allegiance
a Limited Edition Print
by artist Jim Daly

 Image size: 13 1/2" x 18"

There is a special feeling, a special emotion that people feel for their country. It exists in all people, regardless of their ideology. There are times when these emotions overwhelm us with joy and pride. It is a good feeling.

People everywhere are raising their voices for freedom and change. A power greater than us all is at work, and we all feel its force. What a wonderful time to be alive! All over the world, change is in the air.

I wanted the simplicity of this painting to express the love I have for my country. I hope the viewer will see it in the expression on the boy's face and in the discovery of the simple words on the blackboard. - Jim Daly

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